Mar 22 2014

Identifying Stealth

Written By Squishei

Stealth can be frustrating to play against but there are a couple of things that you can do as a player to counter stealth. The stealth mechanic is only present on a couple heroes: Nova, Zeratul, Tyrande and Tassadar.

  • Nova and Zeratul have a passive stealth which activates after not receiving or dealing damage for a couple seconds.
  • Tassadar is able to enter stealth for a couple seconds when he activates his E.
  • Tyrande is able to stealth her entire team using one of her heroic abilities.

Using Your Eyes

The first way to reveal a stealthed character is to use an AoE or skillshot ability and damage the player. Now, this is easier said than done, but you can identify the location of the stealthed player by looking for a small blur in the background.

This system will be familiar to any Starcraft players and may be difficult to recognize at first, but after playing for many hours, you should get used to identifying the small distortion. Additionally, unlike other games, watchtowers, forts and towers will not grant sight of stealthed units.

Using Tassadar

Tassadar’s Heroic Trait is Oracle, which grants truesight to the surrounding area. This ability is on a 30 second cooldown and does cost some mana so it not spammable. Enemies affected by the spell will have a small red eye icon above their head to let them know they’ve been seen and revealed. Players will also receive a debuff, so stealthed players should watch for either of these icons to know when they’ve been seen.

In the picture below, you can see that vision has been granted in the surrounding area and all enemies have been revealed, including those in stealth.

Using Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a Tier 3 talent that is available to Uther and Naziba. This ability has a global range and will grant truesight in the affected area. While effective at revealing stealth and granting vision, many players may prefer other talents in the Tier 3 category, leaving Clairvoyance unpicked. However, the option is there for newer players who are constantly getting ganked or potentially against double, or triple stealth teams.

In the picture below, you can see the radius of clairvoyence is quite large and allows allies to identify the location of Zeratul.


Identifying stealth can be difficult at first but after some practice, it will become much easier. It may be difficult to pay attention in the middle of a team fight, but if the enemy has a Zeratul or Nova, chances are you’ll probably want to be watching out. Once a stealth character has been revealed, a character such as Naziba can mark the target with a DoT, so that he is not allowed to restealth.

Don’t be afraid to help your teammates by revealing the stealthed hero; sometimes you happen to miss the Zeratul heading straight for your carry! 


Jeremie aka Squishei, from Canada. Writer for Heroes-Live, host of the Heroes Live podcast and Co-host on the hXc podcast. I love puns. I play Horde on US-Zul'jin and have played most MOBAs for a long time. Follow me on twitter @Squishei.

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